Hony. Secretary
Principal Research Scientist - Digital India Corporation (Min. of Electronics & IT, GoI)

Mr Gaurav Sharma

Mr Sharma has 15 years of experience as ICT&E Research and Innovation - Manager, ICT&E Researcher, and as a Process Engineer in Automobile Industry.

In his current position as Principal Research Scientist at Digital India Corporation, he is working towards strengthening the research base for IT and its applications in India. One of the major outcomes of his efforts is a major increase in the national capacity of producing PhDs who could become faculty in academic institutions and address the needs of the industry and society at large.

Some of the salient contribution that he made earlier as a core ICT&E researcher are:

(i) Development of Low cost Wireless Sensor Network for suitable for India Agriculture;

(ii) Development and Installation of low cost Community Radio Stations in 5 state Agricultural Universities across India;

(iii) Conceptualization and development of Migrants Worker Job Portal; and

(iv) Development of the system architecture for Personalized Agro Advisory Services for India Farmers.

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